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📍 Grand Tetons National Park


  • Fairbanks Alaska Winter Tips
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  • National Park tips
  • Chasing Lighthouses on the West Coast
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First Milky Way | Olympic National Park

I grew up in Southern California but often spent summers in Salmon, Idaho, visiting Missoula, Montana. Growing up, we often went camping near the Kern River & the Redwoods forest. Now, as an adult, ,I am sure that is a big reason being in nature is my happy place. 

I moved to the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years, and my nature-loving ways loved exploring the upperleft! 

In February 2020, I went to Bali and learned how to do manual photography on a Canon Mark III, and been hooked since! I started shooting people and Nature! 

After our friend took hubby and me to the forest to shoot Neowise, it fueled my enthusiasm for Astrophotography. In the summer of 2021, I spent time in the Olympic National Park and caught my first Milky Way! Combining my love of Nature, camping, and photography, it pairs well with my career as a website designer for photographers and entrepreneurs! 

Maybe I will see you on the trail in the dark, shooting the Milky Way, on the coast, or in a National Park sometime!

Hey, I am Aimee! 

Meet The photographer & Blogger

I am up in Fairbanks chasing the Northern Lights!

I am going back and forth from Washington to Alaska to work as a tour guide chasing the Aurora. I love helping other Washingtonians and photographers capture the spectacular Northern Lights. Stay tuned for some epic photos coming your way! 

Fairbanks, Alaska 

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Are you interested in working together and building a website for your photography business or your small business? Check out my Website design page.

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I love running around to shoot landscaping and nature and photograph dark sky. I will occasionally work with other photographers to do retreats or as a local guide. If you are interested in collabing together, then we should connect.

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Grand Tetons, Mormom Row

There are so many places to visit in the Pacific Northwest. The upper-left is known for its green mossy trees, an abundance of wildlife, moody coastlines, endless coffee houses, and pristine bodies of water, making it one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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I have some good information if Fairbanks, Alaska, is on your radar. I have a page and a series of blogs dedicated to visiting the 49th state in sub-zero temps! A lot of planning needs to happen, so check out all the goodies on my Fairbanks page.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Did you know I hop on up there and work as a seasonal tour guide??

Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association.

Washington State Parks

Earthbox Inn
San Juan Island

I love helping local businesses  bloggers and agencies. I am always up for a Collab! It sometimes takes me to new places, and I love helping others. 

If you ever want to collaborate, hit me up! 

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