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I foresee visiting my northern friends in Canada quite a bit. I love chasing the Aurora and some of the hotsprings I want to shoot around Banff, Yellowknife and Churchill.

03. Future destinations?

The Pacific Northwest, Alaska, National Parks  and Beyond! I prefer the more remote places. I will admit I am not into hiking uphill 20 miles to "get the shot" but I am willing to make a good trek and sit there all day and chill

02. Where do I shoot?

I have a Canon 5D mark IV! My favorite everyday lens is my Tamron 24-70mm 2.8. We have traveled thousands of miles and this combo is a tank

01. What I shoot with?

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Hire me to take photos of you on your adventures! I have worked as a tour guide, and I love it. I'm also working with a local lavender farm to do an astrophotography project this summer. If you think adventure photos or commissioned photography work interests you, than I may be your human; let's chat!

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I have limited cards for sale. I can ship them to you, or you can pick them up at the Pelindaba Lavender shop in Edmond, Washington.

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