I grew in in So Cal but have been in the Pacific Northwest for the last 20 years! 

I bought my Canon Mark IV in 2020. I love shooting wildlife, nature, and landscapes! After spending a couple of weeks learning Astrophotography in the summer of 2021 in the Olympic National park, I was hooked too! I love combining my love of nature, camping, and photography, and it pairs well with my career as a website designer for photographers and entrepreneurs! 

Maybe I will see you on the trail in the dark, shooting a Milkyway, on the coast, or in a National Park sometime!

Meet the photographer, Aimee

Lover of Nature, Landscape and now Astrophotography 

Aurora Borealis 

Alaska 2023

Aurora Borealis 

Olympic National Park

Milky Way 2022

Around Town


Grand Tetons

Cape Disappointment