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Cape Disappointment State Park

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Paddle boarding Essentials and Favorite Locations in the PNW. After 4 years of paddling around the PNW, I share my favorite places

Adventures Awaits

Paddle boarding Essentials and Favorite Locations in the PNW. After 4 years of paddling around the PNW, I share my favorite places

Paddle Boarding Essentials & My Favorite Locations in the PNW

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Hey, women photographers!  If you can imagine yourself at a PNW Lighthouse next to the Olympic National Park hanging out with photographers, sipping on coffee & watching the sunrise while building a website for your photography… then we should connect! 

Website in a Weekend Retreats in the Pacific Northwest

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The Girls Guide to Pacific Northwest Summers – Outdoor essentials goodies that you need and did not know you needed!

Girl’s Guide to Beach Essentials 2022


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Paddleboarding at Washington State Park is a fun activity to do in most months! Here is our list of our favorite State Parks to paddleboard.

Paddleboarding at Washington State Parks

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We do loads of paddleboarding in lakes, rivers, the sounds, Salish Sea, Hood Canal, and where ever we see water. After spending countless hours paddling around, this is my essential list for comfort and safety!

Paddleboarding Essentials List

Paddleboarding tips and locations in the Pacific Northwest PNW

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Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in the PNW. This is a complete guide on how to plan your trip and make the most of your trip to San Juan Island

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

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Pacific Northwest paddle boarding When I started researching paddleboards, I was unfamiliar with the inflatable ones. What I did know was that we didn’t have the room for large bulky boards, and I wanted something that I could easily transport, so when I saw the inflatable ones, I dove into research. The ROC brand stood […]

Pacific Northwest Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding in the PNW

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Everything you need to know about Pacific Northwest Camping When I think Pacific northwest camping, I think nature, water, camping, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, Puget Sound, Bigfoot, and rain forest (with a hint of vampires and werewolves). This Blog is a Cornerstone page for all things Pacific Northwest Camping As of now I am posting […]

Pacific Northwest Camping

Camping in the PNW

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Tips on how to camp in eastern Washington, Summer 2020. Camping picks for everything from Leavenworth, Wenatchee , Lake Chelan, Stehieken and Alta Lake!

Camping eastern Washington in the Summer

Eastern Washington, Leavenworth, Camping, RV Camping, Washington State Park

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I am excited to team up with award winning photographer Marc Rassel, running around the Pacific Northwest, showing people how to capture the beauty of the upper left. 

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PNW Photography Workshops... 

coming summer of 2025

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