If not, and you have been thinking about it,  then you and I should connect! ↓

have you Every been to Fairbanks for Winter Adventures & Aurora Chasing?

If not, and you have been thinking about it,  than keep reading to find out more! ↓

have you Every been to Fairbanks for Winter Adventures & Aurora Chasing?

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora!  

If you are headed there in the winter months there are many factors/ extreme weather conditions that can affect your plans or cause you change your plans or pivot at a moment's notice. It is nice to have connections to help you get the best experience possible. 

So how do you go about planning a visit? Get help from a seasonal tour guide or if you need additional help, I can get you in touch with some seasoned locals, who can even help you plan your WHOLE trip!! 

If you are thinking of heading to Fairbanks, GO!!! 

February - March: These are the months you can do the snow adventures and maybe see the Iditarod, the Yukon Quest, or the World Ice Sculpture competition. Tour guide is highly recommended.

December - February: this is great if you want to be there in the darkest months and want to do some snow adventures such as Snow Machining, Dog sledding, ice fishing, Tour guide highly recommended.

November - December: this is a good fit for those who want to experience the North Pole, Santa's village, to make the Holidays magical Tour guide is highly recommended.

September - October:  this is a good fit for those who are not a fan of subzero temps but want to see the lights. If you would rather rent a car, this is a good time to do it. 

One of the most common questions is when do I go? that depends! ↓

  • Unknown weather conditions
  • Unknown road conditions
  • Unknown locations - where are the best spots to see Aurora without huge crowds in safe places!
  • How to pivot your schedule if changes need to be made

Taxis and Lyft can be unpredictable  at certain times of the day or beyond the city limits. 

Renting can be a toss up, you're probably not going get a 4-wheel drive with studded tires even if that is requested. 

Why hire a tour guide in the winter months?

Planning is key

Want to plan your own trip and not have to worry about changing circumstances out of your control. Contact Cafego's Alaska to help you with trip planning or package deals 

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