1. Sandra says:

    I had this same thing happen!! Instagram hasn’t contacted me 🙁

  2. Meg says:

    This was amazingly helpful! But I would add that you should go into your two-factor authentication and remove the hacker as a “trusted device” and also change the 6 backup codes that instagram gives you because my hacker logged back in after I got back in the first time (I think using the codes he took a screenshot of). So annoying!

    • YES!!! I always tell everybody to turn on the 2-authentication on IG and Facebook… I will update the blog. I thought I did have to remove the hacker as a trusted device, and I removed all the devices and started fresh. You have to be quick and ready to move at lightning speed once you get back in!

  3. Alex retallack says:

    Hi my Instagram account was hacked on the 13 march, this person impersonating me and trying hack all my friends

  4. Donald Lyons says:

    I got scammed and they hacked my account.Change my email,password,and phone number.I did the video verification for that they ask for but it keeps denying I guess cause my face is down on the only Instagram pic I have up.What to do please help?

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