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Washington has the BEST state parks in the nation, so go enjoy some State park goodness! Download my FREE Washington State parks e-book! Click the button below to make the magic happen!

A list of things to know when you go to Aulani, Oahu. What our family learned as first time goes and important informtion you need to know for your trip.

Disney's Aulani, Oahu Hawaii!

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Hey You Guys!!!!!
For those who love the Goonies, I have a list of film locations in Astoria, Oregon. A self guided tour to see some of the most infamous places from the movie!

Goonies film location in Astoria Oregon

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Ultimate Holiday Gift List for Travelers. Black Friday ideas. Essential Travel list.

Summer Guide 2021

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What it is like to Fly again! Air Travel in 2021 What is was like to fly for the first time since Covid I was pretty content hanging out at my house full time with the kids and hubby for most of 2020. We broke it up a lot with road trips in the RV, […]

Taking a Flight in 2021

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Solo female travel is really a great thing and I am going to break it down for you why! Updated December 2020 What it was like taking my first Solo female travel over 40 – destination, Victoria B.C. Why I would highly recommend it! Who can take a Solo Trip? Anybody!!! Solo female travel is […]

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Why I fell in LOVE with Victoria B.C., Canada. Everything you need to know to help you with your trip.

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