1. Elle says:

    Such good info! Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

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  3. Emilee McCoskey says:

    We are heading to San Juan Island soon! We are staying on the island for several days, but we plan to go and see either Orca Island or Lopez island. So we can use our same ferry ticket for those day trips? You don’t have to purchase more? Even if you are driving on? If we plan to take our car, should we make a reservation? We will just explore Lopez for the day and then return to San Juan. Thanks for the help!

    • Hello! How fun!

      Sorry, I am just getting back to you on this! You have to pay to go WEST on the Series, so if you are on San Juan Island and go east (to Orcas or Lopez), it is FREE. However, you will have to pay to get back to San Juan Island because you are going west again. It is less than going from Anacortes to San Juan, though you pay when you sail. You do not have to make a reservation to island-hop; get there early enough to hop on! If I had to choose one, I would check out Orcas and visit Moran State Park and Mt. Constitution! I need to update my blog as I have drafts for Orcas and Lopez. I love them both! Happy Sailing!

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