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Pacific Northwest paddle boarding They are amazing. Like legit amazing! Below I linked the ROC brand paddleboard on amazon; they are running cheaper on amazon than on the ROC website. 🙂   Essential items you need for warm and cold weather paddleboarding.   Why we paddleboard? You can see things from the water, you […]

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Paddleboarding Essentials List

Paddleboarding in the PNW

A little about Seaside Oregon and where it is! Seaside is a cute beach town toward the northern part of Oregon on the coast. Being a transplant, I was older when I went to Seaside, but I would have loved it as a kid! I think it really has something for everybody of all ages! It […]

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Seaside Oregon, Plan your Trip

Seaside Oregon, Oregon Caoast. Planning your visit! Oregon Ghost Conference. Big Foot!

Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in the PNW. This is a complete guide on how to plan your trip and make the most of your trip to San Juan Island

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Our must have camper essentials list. How we got started on round 2 of #trailerlife Must have RV Accessories In January 2020, we purchased an RV trailer on our birthday for camping in the PNW! First thing we did is figure what Camper essentials we needed! We sold our Trailer 5 years before, and we were […]

Camping & RVing in the PNW, Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Camper Essentials 2021

Pacific Northwest paddle boarding First off , when I started researching paddleboards, I was not familiar with the inflatable ones. What I did know if we didn’t really have the room for large bulky boards, and I wanted something that I could easily transport, so when I saw the inflatable ones, I dove into research. […]

Camping & RVing in the PNW, Pacific Northwest (PNW), Paddleboarding

Pacific Northwest Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding in the PNW

Everything you need to know about Pacific Northwest Camping When I think Pacific northwest camping, I think nature, water, camping, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, Puget Sound, Bigfoot, and rain forest (with a hint of vampires and werewolves). This Blog is a Cornerstone page for all things Pacific Northwest Camping As of now I am posting […]

Camping & RVing in the PNW, Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Pacific Northwest Camping

Camping in the PNW

Tips on how to camp in eastern Washington, Summer 2020. Camping picks for everything from Leavenworth, Wenatchee , Lake Chelan, Stehieken and Alta Lake!

Camping & RVing in the PNW, Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Camping eastern Washington in the Summer

Eastern Washington, Leavenworth, Camping, RV Camping, Washington State Park

HalloweenTown St Helens Astoria The Goonies GOONIES NEVER DIE! Goonies never say Die! The Goonies was filmed all over Astoria, and you can see the locations of the movie all over town. Fun Fact – Astoria is an old port town and is the oldest city in the state of Oregon; WHAT?!?! Yep, it is true! […]

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Astoria & St Helens Oregon – Oregon Fall Road Trip

Solo female travel is really a great thing and I am going to break it down for you why! Updated December 2020 What it was like taking my first Solo female travel over 40 – destination, Victoria B.C. Why I would highly recommend it! Who can take a Solo Trip? Anybody!!! Solo female travel is […]

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Solo Female Travel