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Washington has the BEST state parks in the nation, so go enjoy some State park goodness! Download my FREE Washington State parks e-book! Click the button below to make the magic happen!

Planning a trip or thinking about going to Oahu? If that is a YES, check out my informational and realistic guide to help you get the most out of vacation on the North Shore and Southern Oahu, Hawai’i.

Razor Clam Dig in the Pacific Northwest

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Perfect road trip to see the Goonies film locartions in Astoria and see St Helens oregon, which transforms to Halloweentown every fall!

Astoria Goonies

Oregon, Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Hey You Guys!!!!!

For those who love the Goonies, I have a list of film locations in Astoria, Oregon. A self guided tour to see some of the most infamous places from the movie!

Goonies film location in Astoria Oregon

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6 things to do in Seattle. When I have friends & family visiting, these places I take them to so they can really see Seattle at its best!

6 things to do in Seattle for the day

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Pacific City, Oregon, is a beautiful coastal town on the Oregon Coast. It has a Haystack Rock and beautiful Sand Dunes with epic views

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This blog will help you plan your trip to San Juan Island or any other islands in the San Juan Islands cluster. If I were to give any advice, it is a trip that you have to plan ahead of time. Here are some tips for taking the ferry!

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Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island! How to get to the island, Top place to stay, and favorite places to visit! Earthbox Inn.

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

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Seaside is a cute beach town toward the northern part of Oregon on the coast. It really has something for everybody of all ages! It is a great place for family’s, couples or even solo travel (100%)! Here is a short guide to planning your stay!

Seaside Oregon, Oregon Caoast. Planning your visit! Oregon Ghost Conference. Big Foot!

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Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in the PNW. This is a complete guide on how to plan your trip and make the most of your trip to San Juan Island

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